Going Green

In an effort to protect the environment we treasure, Whitecap Linen continues to make progressive changes to  our Columbia plant. 

2009 saw the change to natural gas, from LP, saving overhead and comsuption substantially.  Our next green move was the installation of a state of the art Muira Boiler System, to replace our out dated equipment.  The new boiler saves 70% on fuel consuption over our previous equipment, and burns cleaner natural gas, protecting our air.

Intensive training in Lean, Clean, and Green processes enhanced every aspect of work in our Columbia facility.  Better work flow, and improved production equipment make work more ergonomic for our staff, as well as increasing the rate of production.  Improvements in productions processes and work flow increased production capacity, allowing more poundage processed each week.  Our training began in the fall of 2010, and continued throughout 2011 and involved every aspect of our company.  No one was left out of the close examination of each individual process of our business.  Programs incuded Lean Enterprise, ISO Management Systems, Six Sigma, and Environmental, Safety, and Health Management.  Revisions to a number of processes occured due to the spotlight we focused on them--highlighting improvements to make or waste to eliminate.  Instruction for all training was through NCSU, Industrial Extension, and available to businesses accross North Carolina.

2011 brought Whitecap LInen into water recycling, with the installation of the Aqua Recycle System.  Adding to this the change in chemical vendors to one with long experience with this type of system, Whitecap is reducing our public water consumption sigmifigantly, maximizing our chemical usage, and thus, reducing our environmental footprint.

Further improvements are planned, as we continue to grow responsibly in our industry.

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