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To enhance our customers' ease of purchasing and payment, Whitecap Supply will merge with Whitecap Linen by the end of 2012.  Then, our regular customers can order the same Supply merchandise, and be billed on the same invoice as your regular service.  No more separate checks!

Maintaining a rental cottage or second home can be time consuming and expensive. Whitecap offers a supply of home products necessary to maintain a comfortable residence. We sell to realtors, designers, and property owners looking for quality products at a fair price. For added convenience, we ship anywhere in the continental United States.

Our sheets are 200 thread count, Resort Quality linen. Terry products are large and fluffy with dobby borders. The bath towels are a generous 27” x 50”, with hand towels and wash cloths in a coordinating weight. Bath mats are a full 20” x 30”. All our linen and terry are white.

We look forward to serving you!

Check below for our Linen Supply pricing:

Item Description Price
3x10 Classic Mat, solid color 3x10 Mat, available in 45 colors 112.60
3X5 Classic Mat, solid color 3X5 Mat, available in 45 colors 57.60
3X5 Comfort Flow Mat 3 X 5 Comfort Flow Mat, black 80.50
3x5 superscrape mat, general purpose 3 x 5  SuperScrape General Purpose Mat with drain holes, black 45.00
3X5 Comfort Flow Mat 3X5 Comfort Flow Mat, black 85.00
4x6 Classic Mats, solid color 4X6 Mat, available in 45 colors 85.00
4x6 Comfort Flow Mat 4x6 Comfort Flow Mat, black 134.00
4x6 superscrape--grease resisitant 4 x 6 SuperScrape Grease Resistant Mat, black border   98.00
4x6 Waterhog inlay Logo Mat 4 x 6 Waterhog Inlay Mat, custom logo, design included  (order 2 or more for substantial discounts) 360.50
4x6 waterhog mat Classic, solid color 4 x 6 Waterhog Classic with Rubber border 118.50
logo mat Logo Door Mat for Customer's Own Design is quoted upon request-includes all design fees (multiple mat discount) by quote
Bar Towels
Item Description Price
Bar Towel, Dozen Bar Towel, Dozen 7.95
Bar Towels, BALE 30oz Bar Towels, 30 oz/dz  BALE PACK  100 DZ 450.00

Bar Towels, BALE 36 oz 

Bar Towels, 36 oz/dz BALE PACK 100 DZ 


Bib Apron
Item Description Price
Bib Apron Bib Apron, Blend   each   WHITE 1.75
Item Description Price
Blanket, Santa Barbara  KG Santa Barbara Honeycomb Woven Cotton Thermal Blanket, 6.10 lbs.  WHITE   KING   EACH 48.05
Blanket, Santa Barbara DBL Santa Barbara Honeycomb weave Cotton Thermal Blanket, 4.5 lbs.  WHITE  DOUBLE  EACH 27.25
Blanket, Santa Barbara QN Santa Barbara Honeycomb weave cotton thermal blanket, 5.10 lbs  WHITE   QUEEN   EACH 37.08
Blanket, Santa Barbara TW Santa Barbara Honeycomb weave cotton thermal blanket, 3.70 lbs. WHITE  TWIN   EACH 23.00
Blanket,Vellux  KG  Vellux Blanket, King  33.95 
Blanket,Vellux DBL  Vellux Blanket,  DOUBLE each  24.26 
Blanket,Vellux QN  Vellux Blanket,  QUEEN  each  28.22 
Blanket,Vellux TW  Vellux Blanket, TWIN  each  23.85 
C.T Mattress Pad
Item Description Price
C.T. Mattress Pad  KG Classic Touch Mattress Pad  King each 46.00
C.T. mattress pad DBL Classic Touch Mattress Pad, Double  each 32.10
C.T. mattress pad QN Classic Touch Mattress Pad, Queen each 39.55
C.T. mattress pad TW Classic Touch Mattress Pad, Twin each 26.30
Item Description Price
CHEM-bath disinfect, qt. Bathroom disinfectant, quart each 1.95
Duvet— Insert Comforter & Magnificence Cover
Item Description Price
Duvet Insert Comforter QN Comfort-Lite Duvet Insert Comforter, T-210 blend, Down alternative Fiberfill, Non-Allergenic, Washable QUEEN EACH 47.48
Duvet Insert Comforter TW Comfort-Lite Duvet Insert Comforter, T-210 blend, Down alternative Fiberfill, Non-Allergenic, Washable  QUEEN EACH 37.64
Magnificence Duvet Cover  TW Magnificence Duvet Cover,T-310  tone on tone Stripe, 60/40 Pima Cotton/Polyester, TWIN EACH 46.20
Magnificence Duvet Cover QN Magnificence Duvet Cover,T-310  tone on tone Stripe, 60/40 Pima Cotton/Polyester,  QUEEN SIZE EACH 56.47
Kitchen Items
Item Description Price
Kitchen towel Kitchen Towel, Blue/Seafoam Check, dozen 19.50

Dish Cloth 

Dish Cloth, 12 x 12, multi-color check, dozen 


Pot Holder 

Pot Holder, 7 x 7, quilted, dozen    (colors vary) 


Laundry Bags
Item Description Price
Laundry Bags each Laundry Bags, Blended, 30x40, pestrung with cord lock, WHITE each 6.50
Matelasse Pillow Sham
Item Description Price
Matelasse Pillow Sham Matelasse Pillow Sham, each   (Pattern selection) 62.75
Mop Handle
Item Description Price
Mop Handle, plastic Orange Plastic Wet Mop Handle 24.99
Mop Handle, wood Wet Mop Handle, wood 12.60
Item Description Price
PC-KING  white King Pillowcase, white dozen  T-200 28.95
PC-STD white Standard Pillowcase dz  T-200 26.40
Item Description Price
Pillow, American Gold  KG American Gold custom label Pillow, King (Blown Cluster fiber fill, 33oz., with T-230 ticking)  EACH 13.50

Pillow, American Gold  QN

American Gold custom label Pillow, Queen (Blown Cluster fiber fill, 27oz., with T-230 ticking)  EACH  12.50 
Pillow,American Gold STD American Gold custom label Pillow, Standard (Blown Cluster fiber fill, 22oz, with T-230 ticking)  EACH 11.50

Custom Labels 

Customize your pillows with your name, info with an order of 60 pieces in any combination of sizes, if you maintain case packs of 8 for King, 10 for Queen, and 12 for Standard. 

no extra  charge 

Pillow Protector
Item Description Price
Protector, KG Pillow King Zippered Pillow Protector EACH 4.00
protector, STD. pillow Pillow Protector, STD. with zipper white each 2.25
S/O Items
Item Description Price
S/O  Fine Fabric Needles Dennison Replacement Needles for Fine Fabric Tagger Gun, pack of 4 19.00
S/O  Heavy Duty Needles Heavy Duty Needle Pack for Tagger Gun 19.75
S/O  Soap, wrapped 1.4 pz Sun & Sand 1.4 oz Face and Body Soap, individually wrapped CASE PACK 67.80
s/O  Tagger Guns Tagger Gun (for attaching Plastic Tagger Tails) 28.75
S/O  Tagger Tails, 2 inch 2" Tagger Tails, box of 5,000 9.25
S/O  vinyl mattress cover, twin Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover, 6 gauge--Twin EACH 14.35
S/O  Vinyl pillow protector Zippered Vinyl Pillow Protectors, PAIR 7.60
S/O Deodorant Mennen Speed Stick Deodorant, case pack of 24 pcs. 28.85
S/O Toothpaste Colgate Toothpaste, case pack of 24 pcs. 17.75
SET Items
Item Description Price
SET--Double Sheets Double Sheet Set, includes one flat and fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases,   White  EACH 27.00
SET--King Sheets King Sheet Set, includes one flat and fitted sheet, and 2 king pillowcases..in White, EACH 35.41
SET--Queen Sheets Queen Sheet Set, includes one flat and fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases, White, EACH 30.70
SET--Towels Bath Towel Set, includes one each of Bath towel, Hand Towel, and Wash Cloth, White, EACH 10.25
Item Description Price
SHEET-  Double, FITTED white Double Fitted Sheet, 54x80x15 dozen WHITE T-180 BLEND  THOMASTON 145.00
SHEET-  Double, FLAT white Double Sheet, Flat 81x108 dozen WHITE T-180 BLEND 95.57
SHEET-  King, FITTED white King Sheet, Fitted 78x80x15 dozen WHITE  T-200 BLEND 178.68
SHEET-  King, FLAT white King Flat Sheet, 108x110 dozen WHITE  T-200 BLEND 171.89
SHEET-  Queen, FITTED  white Queen Fitted Sheet, 60x80x15  dozen   WHITE  T-200  BLEND 155.00
SHEET-  Queen, FLAT white Queen Flat Sheet, 90x110 dozen  WHITE  T-200  BLEND 118.48
SHEET-  Twin, FITTED white Twin Fitted Sheet, 29X80X12  dozen WHITE  T-180 BLEND 115.40
SHEET-  Twin, FLAT white Twin Flat Sheet, dozen 66X108 WHITE  T-180 BLEND 77.00
Shower Liner
Item Description Price
Shower Liner, Heavy Shower Liner, Sansuede heavy guage--31.5 oz weight   72" x 72"   EACH 10.50
Shower Liner, thin Vinyl Shower Liner 72" x 72"  15.6 oz weight   each   WHITE 7.20
Shower Liner, Ultra Shower Liner, San Suede Ultra Heavy--37 oz weight   each   WHITE 9.95
Item Description Price
TERRY-Bath Mat white Bath Mat,   WHITE  100% COTTON 38.99
TERRY-Bath Towel 14# white Bath Towel, 27x50  dozen 14lb.  WHITE 100%  COTTON 69.65
TERRY-Beach Towel Beach Towel, 30X60 15 # 100% Cotton, Dobby Bordes, Blue/White Cabana Stripe  DOZEN 106.29
TERRY-Hand Towel white Hand Towel 16x30  4.0lb.  dozen   WHITE 100% COTTON  DOBBY BORDER 21.95
TERRY-Wash Cloth  white Wash Cloths, 13X13  dozen   1.5lb. WHITE 100%  COTTON  DOBBY BORDER 8.00
Waterproof Mattress Pad
Item Description Price
WP Mat Pad DBL Waterproof Mattress Pad, DOUBLE 54 x 75  perma-dry three layer barrier fabric, 1 mil urethane, onion quilted  EACH 31.80
WP Mat Pad KG Waterproof Mattress Pad KING  78 X 80  perma-dry three layer barrier fabric, 1 mil urethane, onion quilted  EACH 44.10
WP Mat Pad QN Waterproof Mattress Pad QUEEN 60 x 80  perma-dry three layer barrier fabric, 1 mil urethane, onion quilted  EACH 34.85
WP Mat. Pad TW Waterproof Mattress Pad, TWIN SIZE.. 39 x 75 perma-dry 3 layer barrier fabric, 1 mil urethane, onion quilted  EACH 24.50
Charges— Finance, Shipping and Delivery
Item Description Price
Fin Chg Finance Charges on Overdue Balance accrued monthly 1.5%
shipping/handling Freight shipping and handling charge on items shipped via USPS or UPS at the cost per each shipment
Delivery Charge Delivery Charge for orders delivered by WCL truck outside our service area 35.00
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